"Oceanus appealed to us due to a number of factors including....

 the developer and designer of the project. The ability for us to customise our unit plan and finish, without compromise. The ease of communication with the developer and his team. The history of high quality designs and constructions undertaken by Walter previously.

The location is the prime reason for moving to Oceanus. This is the last true beachfront on the Sunshine Coast. The beach is pristine and extensive. The beach pathway enables access by foot or bike to whole of the beachside of the Sunshine Coast. The new development design within Bokarina Beach with retail facilities, common garden and recreational areas and low traffic flow are all attractive. The close vicinity to major shopping centres, health precinct , principal place of work and future rail link all appeal to us.

This is a place for anyone at any stage of life. We are really looking forward to living at Oceanus." - Local Buyer 2019


What was it about Oceanus that made you want to purchase in this development?

  • There are so many things that made Oceanus tick every box on our wish list. 

  • We had been looking for quite a while for something that had ocean views but didn’t have the noise of being on a main road with hooning cars at all times of the day and night, like many beachfront properties.   

                       Oceanus: Tick

  • Views for miles.  So many other properties have restricted view, whereas Oceanus is absolute beachfront, with only two neighbouring multi-story buildings, and a local street with a one-way exit point.

                       Oceanus: Tick

  • Buying off the plan can seem like a risk and you hear some horror stories, whereas Walter Iezzi has a proven track record of building a quality product on the Sunshine Coast over many years.  Being a local developer he not only know his market inside out, but also knows the specific environmental conditions that the Sunshine Coast has.  As an added bonus, we’ve found Walter to be extremely helpful and able to be flexible to our meet needs.

                       Oceanus: Tick

  • Next door there will be shops/cafes/restaurants.  So close, but without the associated noise of the venues floating up from under that building (Seanna).  Also, so close to the new parkland area which has lovely facilities just around the corner and will have markets etc, but again, without the noise.

                       Oceanus: Tick

  • Modern, quality fixtures & fittings, and low-maintenance inside with well thought out design.

                       Oceanus: Tick

What do you feel the location offers you and your family in terms of lifestyle and convenience? 

  • One of the first things I saw when I looked at the location was the opportunities for shops, cafes and restaurants.  This is a great lifestyle benefit; being able to walk around the corner and have everything right there.  The parkland area and the shops that I saw via the plan reminded me of Salt at Kingscliff, which I love:  greenspace, but with the benefit of great places to eat and socialise

  • The new beach access makes it feel like our private beach!  I love how they’ve constructed it in an environmentally friendly manner, especially with consideration for the Turtles which nest along the beach.  This is really important to me, as a scuba diver, and I appreciate that they’ve respected the environment in this way.

  • We’re downsizers, and at this point don’t have a next generation coming along, but assume that this will happen at some point.  The recreation facilities being built on the parkland area will be great for family get-togethers, kids playing & community markets that are planned, as well as the bike access that the council is working on to be able to bike all the way from Point Cartwright to Caloundra is another great lifestyle feature.

- Local Buyer 2019